RSS for the last of us

RSS is dead! Or is it undead⁉️ Please, RSS can't die; I'll do my part to help keep it alive. RSS is the kind of protocol that wraps me in warm fuzzies; the opposite of how algorithmically derived news feeds feel like sandpaper to my heart.

Let alone how pleasant RSS feeds are compared to the bloat of newsletters in my email[1] inbox.

"No, I do not want to give you my email address, but don't have an RSS feed? How inconsiderate of you. 🤮"

If you're here, you must ❤️ RSS too. Thank you for your love of the Internet: the good parts.

Here is another RSS feed for your RSS reader of choice. 🎁

  1. Another internet oldie but not-so-goodie. Or maybe it is ok, but people ruined it? idk; email and I ain't friends these days. ↩︎